Hate has all the world as seen lately


Fuck the spelling up hahaha

I don’t care what anyone says - I enjoyed Limp Dilznik and still do with no shame.

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The guitarist was badass.

the entire band was badass except for Fred Durst.

Limp is probably the greatest band with the worst lead singer of all time.

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I just learned that Limp Bizkit were touring a few years ago and they have another album planned. Amazballs.

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that thread title is a pure “wild each it” OG original for sure.


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Late 90’s early 00’s music was fucking ATROCIOUS

Hated it. Hated that era. Nu metal, boy bands, Britney Spears, m&m and bling rap. Fucking garbage.

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You must be a big fan of Barry Manilow.

The 80’s and early 90’s were miles ahead. Take out hair metal and the ridiculous pop new wave and 80’s are highly underrated.

That’s a fact, who is responsible for killing rock and roll???

it really depends what you call and how you define “rock n roll”.