Hatmaker's Gladiator Conditioning

Just curious as to what people think of this program. Is it much different from Scrapper or Matt Furey's stuff? And how is the sandbag portion of the workout?


I like the program. Get the book with it if you can. I thought I was in descent shape but I was wrong. With the book and the video, I think you will like it. I have not used any of the other programs, to compare, but this program made me realize my weak areas needed conditioning. (not that I am a big strong man anyway)


Cool, thanks Solution. Is it mainly calisthenics, or does he include more grappling-specific type of exercises?

Let me look here.....In the book it starts with words of wisdom, and breathing. It goes through a series of body weight exercises, i.e. squats, dands, bridges, etc. After that, which is tough, you move to a stretch routine that starts at the feet and works its way to the neck. Then it covers the sandbag drills, variations of the conditioning drill and a schedule of how much/many and when. You can get the book and/or dvd/vhs through Padalin Press or through Mark. extremeselfprotection.com padalin-press.com. I reccommend to get both, padalin was running a special. If you email Mark, he might be able to help you better. If you do email him tell him that Solution is working hard on his new material. He'll know what you mean. Hope I have been some help.