Hatmaker's tapes. Any reviews??

Has anyone reviewed "Beyond BJJ"? The title was from Paladin Press. It was a tape on western Catch and BJJ applications. I am interested if anyone has seen it.

Tom Furman



Come on, some of you guys must have seen his stuff!

Tom Furman


I haven't seen it, but I have two of his books. They're ok but not great. I tend to think no tape is worth 60$(70 for DVD!) when there is so much other great stuff out there that's well known to be great, and that's also more affordable.

Based on his books and his "escape from impossible holds" tape set... It is not worth it.

He shows you the move very fast without any details.

I haven't seen those but I borrowed one of his other tapes from a friend of mine. It was interesting material and I saw a couple of things I wanted to test out on the mat. Very much a Catch approach to grappling with the guard all but ignored. Tony C's material is much more comprehensive IMHO.

If you like Catch and want to see someone else's take on it, check it out. I'm not sure how much you'll like if you are focused on BJJ.

Everything he's done looks ripped from Cecchine. The two books I've seen of his have NOTHING but Tony C's material in them. Catch is catch I suppose, but would you rather get that from Cecchine?


JKogas is correct, however, the detail and precision of Cecchine's material is light years above any of his copy cats.

That's what I was saying. I'd prefer going to the source. Tony definitely is that.


Ive rolled with some of the guys who train at his school. they have some nasty leg attacks

I have seen his the tape. While I thought it was good and had a refreshing approach every move was done extremely fast and was a little hard to follow. After getting Tony C's Lost Art Of Hooking, Hatmakers stuff is absolete. Tony does show every move with attention to detail and exsplains the concept behind most of the moves.


i have his Exscape from holds 1 and 2 along with Brutal Subs and Guard Sub tapes and they are all good IMO . I got alot out of them and give them an A+ .

I dont know about the Beyond Bjj tho. :)

I felt Mark detailed the moves in the above mentioned tapes pretty well and i really understood thoroughly. Broke them down enough for me to understand . How was he going to fasst for details for u guys??

Honestly I only saw the tape once but came away with that feeling.Perhaps if I saw the tape again I'd feel differently.

I also feel that Tonys stuff is along the same lines but just better.

thanks Mfah :)