Hats off to Joe Riggs....

I have got to say that Riggs looks to be finally coming into his own and realizing his potential. His striking was put together, he changed levels, stuffed shots and had a solid ground game.Was physically strong, plus he was having fun out there. Nice!!!! looking forward to Riggs vs. Shields

Very smart fight I think

I agree w/everything you said except the "was physically strong"part.

 We saw a much improved Riggs. Would love to see a rematch with Diaz!


Joe looked freaking awesome that fight. Great strategy and very technical.

 Joe looked awesome in that fight.

spinning back fist., superman punch, spinning back kick, flying knee.

that opening round where he kept top control was awesome.

He worked his plan perfectly. Smother baroni for the first round and tire him out, taking away all the power in his punches. We all know he gasses in 4 minutes.

then start pounding the shit out of him.

Executed perfectly

3ta for improving with age