Hats off to Mr. Gary Goodridge.

We have a legend of the sport posting on this site. He is a tough son of a b-word, and a mean mother-father. Let's all take a chance to thank Mr. Gary Goodridge for all he's done for the sport and let him know how much we care. Gary you are the best, please know that you have a legion of fans always behind you.

Much Love to the Big Daddy

 When I think of tough ass mother fuckers in mma, or in general, Big Daddy is a guy who always comes to mind.

Gets hit in the face by Tom Erikson-"WOOOOOO, AGAIN, WOOOOO"

You can't teach what GG has.

 Don't think there's another athlete that has competed at the HIGHEST level in three different sports, the three TOUGHEST sports

Faced some of the greatest ever in each, Fedor, Nogueira, Vovchanchyn.... Aerts, Bonjasky, Le Banner.....Benzek,  Dean

Gary :Big Daddy" Goodridge is one of the baddest men to ever walk the face of the earth!

Gary Goodridge is the man. Thanks for all the great fights, Gary, and I hope you stay as healthy as possible.

JonesBonedTheFakeMrT - Gary thanks for all you have done to entertain us fans.

I can guarantee you I will be telling my grand-kids about your crucifix elbows.

 The knee's too, don't forget the knee's. He knee'd him while elbowing him.  As I get older I forget a lot of stuff, but that memory is clear as glass to me.

 ttt for Gary Goodridge!!!

Serious dude (high level MMA, kickboxing, and arm-wrestling) and a nice guy.

-Until Big Daddy!!!

This thread needs more elbows.

ttt Mr. Goodridge

Kirik please stickie this

With all due respect.



Big Daddy was the real deal.  Drive in strong where your man is weak.

Much respect. Phone Post

Hocky Balboa - This thread needs more elbows.

Fucking awesome. Phone Post

That gif makes baby Jesus cry

TTt Phone Post

Hocky Balboa - This thread needs more elbows.

Still gives me chills. Thought he straight up killed the guy. Phone Post