Hatton/Tackie anyone excited???

On Showtime tonight. I think this might be the best fight of the night. Anyone pumped for this one?

The only PPV fight I want to see is the Mayorga fight. I really don't care about the rest.

I would also love to see Joppy pull it off. I know, I'm crazy. You can always wish though.

he did it :)

c'mon hitman!!!!!!

They're showing the pre-fight packages now. I'm here searching for HBO's PPV results thus far.

P.S. - Tackie will own.

"whilst he doesn't impress me..."

He doesn't impress you, yet you think he's a better fighter than Tsyzu?

Not to mention Gatti and Mitchell?


I respectfully disagree. Hatton is nothing like Ruiz
IMO. Hatton is far more explosive, he's fitter, hits
harder (relativley speaking) and has much better
accuracy. Hatton is in that Duran mode, and is very
skillful IMO. It might not be the style of boxing you
like but there's just as much skill involved as a
stick-and-move style. He comes to fight and tries to
finish - he's one of the more exciting boxers out

I thought Ricky did ok sat. Ben hurt him at the end of the 9th?? I think. When he cought him with a shot right at the bell. After that Ricky would just throw a few punches and holb ala Holyfield/Tyson, except he didn't get the KO.

Bring on Gatti. Should be a great fight.

Hatton vs. Gatti!!!

I have seen Hatton fight a few times, and to be honest have always questioned his opposition. His fight against Tacky was nothing short of amazing. The pace it was fought at and the ferocius punches that were being thrown in that fight makes it an excelent candidate for fight of the year.

My only wish was that it was on HBO, the announcing team over at Showtime just hasent been cutting it lately.

I never thought that I would be saying that Hatton is a true force to be wrecken with at 140lbs.

lmao @ dangerboy,

How can you win 9 national titles and 76 out of 80 amateut fights without 'stellar boxing skills'. Ricky has had a more aggressive style since going pro but he has excellent boxing skills. Whenever he needs to use them, i.e Tackie, Thaxton, he does.

He has a lot more to his game than he is given credit for and you will see it as his class of opponent goes up.

his display against thaxton was almost faultless. made even more spectacular by the fact he got cut in the first 20 seconds of that fight right above the eye

lol, yeah, people were leaving before the end and everything.;)

I've only seen the first four rounds and they where anything but boring.

I was j/k btw, the fight was another example of Hatton on top form. I was just being srcastic at the rediculous post about fans leaving.