Have a ball Jaje! & Goodbye Kezza!

Just wanted to say Jaje and Kezza both flew out tonight to Japan via
Thailand. Kezza for a long time and Jaje for the New Year. Jaje's holiday
in Japan includes some great training so let's hope he keeps us up to
date on his adventures there. Have a ball in Tokyo Jaje and say hi to TK
for me. Soooo jealous you're going to the PRIDE New Years show.

Keep us posted.

  • Juggs (medium size,..hint hint....oh shit,...Japanese large!)

hate em! ...bastids the both!!

matt (hint hint...medium size schoolgirl :p ...meh, or a large..doesnt matter much really)

I'll have a large thank you!!!

All the best guys.

Jaje, I hope to get some training in with you in the new year. But for now I have to focus on getting fat.

All the best Kezza and Jaje have a ball,see you in the New Year Jaje


hey lads. jj and i are having a ball. the hotel is unreal, the food superb and jj is going nuts over the shopping.

the hotel has a small but well equiped gym with a great pool. we went to lumphini stadium and watched some muay thai just got back (actually we have just stopped at an internet cafe alone the way on our massive hike back to the hotel)bought some great twins boxing gloves, top of the range for around $40 which is not too shabby .

jj's off to japan tomorrow and will be back after new year. the bastard is going to make me really pissed i didnt get to see pride.

i'll catch up with you all later and have a great xmas forum bros.

Bangkok is C-R-A-Z-Y!!! Its awesome here, I can't believe the shit that goes on. I fly out to Japan tomorrow morning, will keep you posted.


hey coops. ask jj if he has a soft spot for the lady boys. he is going to kill me. ha ha!

I must be some sort of Tranny magnet :( . Merry xmas to every one too!

Did these guys make it to Japan safety?

het reverse triangle, jj left me here in bangkok as i will be here for a couple of momths before heading over. he is due back next week before heading back home. i believe he is having a great time.