Have a feeling about Mino...

Now that I have owned up to eating crow, I think that Mino will win the Grand Prix. And man, what a great winner he'd be - you cannot help but like the guy. He never has a bad thing to say about anyone, and is always friendly in his interviews.

I think he might be able to take Fedor out.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

I dunno... I'm a BJJ dork as much as the next UGer but I don't know if he's progressed enough since their last meeting..... Hopefully we get to see...


I'm more skeptical now than I was before last night

Sijan has just escaped the corrects side mount, as well as many submission attempts.

I am sort of rooting for Randleman. It would be nice to see a guy who no one gives any chance come away with it. Yeah, I admit, part of why I am rooting for him is because he is an American.


I wouldn't be a nickel against Fedor now.
Not after that sweet ass arm bar. Ground skills like that along with the
sick punching power that guy as is a scary combo.
He was always impressive to me, but I'm really a fan now.

I'm rooting for Mino also, and I do believe he will take out anyone who he may face.

Fedor will be the toughest, but I think Mino has Fedor's number in the rematch.

Joe, I wouldn't have bet a nickel against Cro Cop last night either :)

Adam from Conn, Silesian Express

fedor is the complete package.

that side choke was sick...he's very slick on the ground