Have a few Ammy Spots Open for 12/13

Beginner 205lb.   --- FILLED

Advanced 155lb.  --- FILLED

I have a 170 spot open for a guy with 18 months gym time  --- FILLED

135er with 2 years gym time.  --- OPEN

Just added a 185er beginner spot too.  --- FILLED

Must be near Chicago.



good opportunity, good show.






Gonna be good.

 This is true.  I'm getting excited lol.


 Filled the 145 spot.

 Filled the 170 spot.

ttt for Jacob and PFC

 Bump... still need the 205er and 55er.


yeah, he still needs to 55er and 205er, dammit!

Can you send me some info on the 205 spot?


can i fight scott sims?

any commission would gladly re-grant him ammy status after a quick trip to youtube