Have a HRM, any good routines?

Hey all,

I've got a HRM but am having troubles coming up with a routine to utilize it properly.

I really need to work on my cardio and have read that interval work is probably my best option.

Is there any interval routines that are put together solely on heart rate. for example 3 mins at 65-70%HR, then 1 min at 75-80% then back down etc.

I've looked everywhere I can think of and just can't come up with a sample routine for strictly building cardio.

Thanks for any help

I've been trying to put together one myself.
I think if you do a search for Conconi's test or lactate treshold or deflection point training, you'll be able to find some workouts.
Most workouts I've found are for cardiovascular training and not endurance training (which I'm interested in).
If you find anything, please share.



What is the difference between cardiovascular training and endurance training? To me they almost seem like the same thing. Can you post any links to the cardiovascular training you've found.

I'm going to keep looking and sure will share anything I come across.

From what I understand, most people in the world of HR/Lactate and deflection point training categorize aerobic, endurance and anerobic training as different areas.
And its a matter of heart rate and length of time in that heart rate zone.
I'm not at my desk right now, but when I get there I'll try to post some of the examples.


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