Have a legit belt in BJJ? Based in the UK?

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shen - They used to do this (in the U.S.) at BJJ.org. However, it will likely soon be "undo-able" in the UK, just as it has become undo-able in the US. there are simply too many people to keep track of ALL people of all ranks. I would concentrate on BB's or Brown & BBs if you can.

The UK population is so much smaller though, shouldn't be an issue for a long time Phone Post

Oh... well, yeah, in that case nevermind. Lol.
We're a small island. In fact we don't even have the Internet yet..... Phone Post 3.0

It seems to be going OK. Verification of belts seems to be easy enough.

The most time consuming part is verifying competition wins in cases when people don't link to a quality results page. Or they link to a Facebook page where the results have since become hidden and are a hard to find.

The busiest page is actually the competition listings. I am currently adding competitions myself which is drag. Would be nice if organisers would find the page and add them themselves :-)

I think next task is to allow fighters to add their sponsors details.

Cheers all.

how about you approve mods from all the major teams. Then it is on them to approve the guys from their teams and it is in their interests. Also means that anyone wanting their grade updated goes and bugs someone at their gym instead of you.

Then it just leaves you to mod the smaller gyms or crazy wandering jiujitsu guys like me.

I would suggest mods be added that are well respected within the UK BJJ scene rather that appointed people from gyms, less chance of shady goings on.

Maybe the UKBJJA could be utilised? Phone Post 3.0