Have a Merry Christmas

The Lord Jesus Christ is the reason for Christmas!

The birth of Jesus Christ The Savior of this fallen world!

May God (Jesus Christ) grant you the ability to know Him & understand His Word!

Take Care & God Bless you & your family this Christmas season. Brian Warren & everyone at www.unbreakablegym.com

Merry Christmas to you Brian. I hope to get to speak with you soon. Things have been hectic but I look forward to talking.

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, bro.

Merry Christmas!

Bahhhhh Humbug...

That's some damn fine Christmas booty imo.

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japetto, that's not the spirit. Cheer up bud! Merry Christmas to everyone on the UG.

Don't be sad. Christmas is not about getting presents. It's about the birth of Jesus Christ.

The one who was sent by God the father to save us from eternal hell, which we all diserve.

Choose this day which master you will serve. Jesus Christ Lord and Savior or the world the flesh & the devil.

Merry Christmas & Take Care & God Bless! Brian Warren



Tis the Season...

Choose this day which master you will serve...the world the flesh & the devil

I made my choice

Nice post Brian, its guys like us that bring it to light that we can compete in a sport like this while giving all the glory to the lord

God Bless your family fighters

There is no such thing as santa. you mean satinclaus!

The Lord Jesus Christ is the only one you should be praying to!  Brian Warren

reformed answers

Practical Theology

Seventy Times Seven and God


I cannot make myself quit sinning. I am ernestly sorry after I sin, and I am sincere when I ask for forgivness, help and guidance from the Lord. I know that without his help I am powerless to overcome any of the worlds temptations. If I know all this, and I really do believe it, then how come I can't do it?

The Lord is not pleased with me, and I am starting to worry about my salvation. A true Christian shouldn't ever worry about that, right? I know Jesus said to forgive seventy times seven, but does that apply to doing the same thing over and over, knowing better the whole time? I don't want to be a "weekend Christian," and I don't believe that you can live in sin and have Christ Jesus living in your heart. I feel that Romans 7:14-25 pertains to me, but I don't understand it. Will you explain this to me?