have an opening next month

Hey guys and Gals.

Feb 14th I will be having my last gallery show before I leave. It will be a two man show featuring my work and one of my mentors, Fr. Bill Moore's work. I hope some of you can come out.

My daughters will be providing baby sitting two blocks away from the event, so you can go to the show, and then go see a movie or go to a nice dinner. They are charging $5 an hour per kid with discounts for more than two, two hour minimum.
For more info about the baby sitting you can call email me at pinnedagain@cs.com

the show is at the:

Fr. Bill Moore gallery
Pomona Arts Colony
590 West Second Street, #2
Pomona, CA 91766

Directions - The Pomona Arts Colony is between the 57 - 10 - 60 freeways

from the 10 exit Gary and go South to 2nd st. then turn right and head West until 590 #2

from the 60 exit Gary and go North to 2nd st. then turn left and head West until 590 #2

thanks again

the rev

please come

This is great news. If I were in Cali or could come to Cali, I would surely be there. I like your stuff a lot.


Wish I could be there, Rev.

I post pics Dave. I know you would come to support me, cause you're cool like dat. But I don't do South west landscapes :)

the rev


we hang the show tomorrow

the rev


I'll post pics here

the rev