Have any of you ever changed your life around...

Hang in there, Mr. Driftwood.

It may not feel like it now, but I'm sure your body and mind will be thanking you soon enough.

I'm unrecognisable now compared to who I was 15 or so years ago and I am very happy about that.

Yes oxycontin is a motherfucker. I feel literally like I've existed as two seperate people. Phone Post 3.0

Jhay - Used to be a 300lb unmotivated kid who just wanted to play video games and eat(lol). Only a handful of people thought I would graduate high school, let alone go to college. 2 years of high school down and only my credits were only equivalent to 1 year. Changed schools, went through summer school, finished high school on time(shocking). I got accepted into college to study graphic design, although only for an associates degree because my grades weren't good enough for the bachelors program. Finished my first year of college with like a 3.6 gpa w/ deans list both semesters. Got moved into the bachelors program for the next year, although I was down credits. Made up all the credits and graduated on time with a gpa high enough for magna cum laude. Also won an award for graphic design at graduation. I graduated in May, and as far as I know i'm the only one from graduating graphic design class to have a job in the field. The job I did get in the field, I didn't even apply to, they came to me, they courted me. I now make 25/hour with up to 70 hours a week when we're really busy (political advertising agency, sept/oct will be very busy, making LOTS of money :)) at an entry level job, we also have a cook who comes in during the week and makes our meals. I'm saving for a house and should have the down payment saved within 2 years. I also lost all the weight, from 300 to 160, now i'm up to 165 trying to gain more muscle. I exercise daily now, I also went on to start training and have won multiple tournaments in sport karate, and dominated a lot of fights against guys with more experience than me.

I went from a fat loser kid who was never supposed to graduate high school, to a skinny guy having a lot of fun and making good money and looking forward to the future.
Great to hear stories like this one. Awesome Phone Post 3.0

I've changed my life around over the last 8 years, but not as much as these stories. Congrats to all involved!