Have BS in Math but can't find a job UPDATE

So I got my degree and struggled to find work. Years of labor jobs and working for the army. I still couldn't find a "career" because I didn't have the specific experience to get in the door.

I looked in development and/or IT. I started self teaching Java Script (I did C++ in school) while getting my A+ cert. Really just trying to build a better understanding of programming while working towards InfoSec on the IT side. I got my A+ then went home to start reading the Network+ book. I am taking that test Friday.

A friend hooked me up with a recruiter after I got the A+. I didn't think anything would come of it this soon. They hooked me up with a direct hire position for a company looking to bring on some young kids at their help desk. The company liked me enough to skip the help desk and they offered me a SQL developer position. Total left turn on the career path but I am down to learn.

I just want to say thanks to all my OG bro. You guys gave me some great advice and helped point me in the direction that lead me here. I start Monday.

Real talk though, congratulations.  udabess

Good for you. Its nice to hear how people are doing well for themselves. We get far too many sad stories anymore. Good luck!

Thanks....it was a long road. Indecision had me frozen for years. Just worked a lot, lost a fiance, and had to deal with a dream of mine getting crushed...all that fun stuff. I keep waiting for something awful to happen.