Have Comcast, can't find tonights UFC!

What the fuck, got World Series on fox, and college football on FS1...What's the deal?!? Phone Post 3.0

Apparently its in fox sports 2. I have charter and I can't find it either. Phone Post

Fs2 starts at 2est I think Phone Post 3.0

I found it on Comcast. Fox Deportes, not in HD?!? I gotta get my Mexican friends to translate the play by play for me I guess :-/ Phone Post 3.0

Fox Sports 2 used to be Fuel. I too have Comcast and I believe we're SOL. Phone Post 3.0

Yep, Comcast subscribers are SOL because for some reason FS2 (previously Fuel) is not in their lineup. :(

Found it on Fox Deportes chn 602! May only be for the bay area though :-/ Phone Post 3.0

Channel 618 on direct tv..im in az Phone Post