Have Girls said "U Can Cum Inside Me"?

My friends wife now- Jennifer (3 Kids)

My gf Stephanie (At least one kid)

This Broad Renee (At least one kid)


A friend at work gave me the best advice

“She’s 23…you think she is done havin kids so much she had an operation?”


Oh jeez, this Indian broad Terri she was 40

said she couldnt get preg because of her age.

So “Good enough for me”…blew all in that too


One night stand gal said it was cool. I pulled out and iced her tits. ~4 months later she was pregnant. That means her next one night stand blew it in her and got locked down. Suckerrrrrrrr


That was me asshole!..


Season 2 Nbc GIF by The Office


This one time with 17 yo Court…I blew all in that pussy than WHOOPS…condom is broken…


So angry at these bitches.

You cant say that to a guy unless u 100%


I once picked up this bitch, from the bar…she asked “Why do guys wanna fuck me up the ass”

had a big ass, a friend said he and a guy double teamed this broad.


I just say “I don’t remember asking for permission” :muscle:

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Yeah, ectopic pregnancy with the save.


yeah but to me that’s a signal to put on the condom.

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Those types like to collect the trophies and get lots of child support for them.

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Are you Irish?

All ur mamma’s!

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Yes. I was in high school and dating my son’s mother. We were together for a little over four years and we have two sons.

When we first started being sexually active I always used my pull out game.

One time she was riding me on the couch that was in her bedroom. When I was going to finish I warned her so that she could get off me but she just said “so…cum” and drove her hips down hard.

Another time I was on a dating site and I was having my first interactions with a cougar that I reached out to. I sent a message and she replied about an hour or so later. We immediately moved our conversation onto the KIK app. She was 53 and her pics showed her looking a lot better than your average 53 year old woman that you see walking down the street.

A little bit into our first conversation she starts asking questions just trying to take inventory of my personal situation. House, car, job, kids, the kind of stuff that is eventually going to come up and gives that person an idea on if you are a stable person or not. Then she asks when I’m available that week to meet. Makes it clear that if our date goes well we would be having sex. Makes it known that she wants me to bust inside her. I’m uneasy about that comment but I continue the conversation. Her next question was “so when I get pregnant, am I moving in with you or are you moving in with me?”

Needless to say I didn’t meet her.

I learned after spending some time online that there were some not well-adjusted people out there.


Was going out with this chick in my late teens who didn’t want to use condoms cause, according to her, it ruined the feeling or something like that.

Always raw dogged her, but was pretty careful to blow on her chest or ass.

One day we meet up and she goes “I have to tell you something, I’m late”. My dumbass is like “Oh, if you’re late for something I can drive you” LOL

Finally get the point and start to freak out.

A few weeks later I find out she’s not only snorting heroin but also been banging like 5 other dudes besides me. First time in my life I got an aids test and this was when it took like 10 days to get results. Most stressful 10 days of my life.

Last I heard that chick was in Portland and was an acupuncturist or something.

On a similar note, early on in the relationship with Mrs. Crawler she told me to cum inside her while I was banging her. Freaked me the fuck out since she had older sisters that got pregnant early in their life so figured she was trying to do the same thing. She apologized a few days later and said it was just an “In the moment thing”, and she definitely didn’t want to get pregnant at that stage in her life.

Years later, we are still together and I bust nuts in there on the regular. LOL.


Lisa, Angela, Pamela, and Renee. Early 90’s.


U can cum on my chest, I’ve heard. From weak women on the pill that don’t like cum dripping out of them all day.

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Yeah, lots of chicks. I’ve rolled the dice far too many times.