Have Had First Vax Shot. Talk me Out Of / Into Second


This times 100.

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You driving so hard the fact that it’s contagious shows how full of shit you are. Ok, so it’s contagious as hell, so what?! Your fear mongering is disgusting and pathetic.

“Naive” immune system? Lol. you’re a fucking retard as well then.

Pretty good chart here on the first shot efficacy.

I dont care if you get it or not. Your call homie.

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Most of the people under 50 who have a really rough go with Covid are obese. We are not seeing many folks under 50 with a healthy BMI who are making these statements in the hospital. Most are quite overweight. I think if people are old or overweight, they should get vaccinated despite a lack or long term safety data. For people who are youngish, lean, and healthy, it is more reasonable to do an individual risk benefit analysis imo.

I discussed this with my doctor and he agreed that for my specific situation, he thought my concerns with vaccination were reasonable and couldn’t recommend the vaccine either way - he said it was my call. I expected him to say “get vaccinated you dummy.” He didn’t.

My son was quarantined with me 3 separate times (10 days each) last year because he had close contacts at school. We were both quarantined another 10 days this summer because a person we were on vacation with for 8 days, sharing a beach house with, got sick with and tested positive for Covid. Based on the timing and location, she most likely had the Delta variant. We didn’t get Covid. I had an antibody test 3-4 weeks later that confirmed it.

We didn’t wear masks around this person on vacation. She got sick the day after we returned home and likely caught it a few days prior.

Yes people are catching Covid and it’s contagious, but it’s not inevitable that everyone will catch Covid, particularly if they are smart about keeping their hands clean and keeping their hands out of their faces. I’m very disciplined about both of these things.

If I get Covid, I’ll own it. If I get it, chances are it will be mild. It it’s not, I’ll own it. I’m comfortable with my decision based on reviewing the available data.

Jack, if you discussed this with your doctor and he was equivocal in the way you describe, then it seems to me your decision to not get vaccinated is understandable. You did what “they” tell you to do, you had the talk with your doctor. So good on you.

Just to add some caveats and nuance to that: the fact anyone has a talk with their doctor doesn’t mean the doctor actually gives good advice. Ultimately the best approach would come from the widest array of data and evidence, and especially from those most expert in understanding the data. And those experts on the whole still seem to recommend vaccination even in your case.

So whether your decision is actually the “best” or most reasonable in view of all that is another question.

The point I’m making, though, is that you have done some due duty in consulting your doctor, and so your decision is understandable and not mere “conspiritardism” in not getting vaccinated.

Best of health!

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The same level of scrutiny isn’t being applied to the other set of data though.

I don’t think anyone of us can really tell.

The FNP I see couldn’t tell me the difference between the 3 different vaccine options…