have mets/yankees tickets-notgoing

thread titles need to be allowd to be longer, anyways, i have tickets to tonights game and i'm not going. just thought i'd share. 1) i'm hung over as dick, feel like shit. 2) it's pouring, forecast calling for rain rest of the day, so there is a chance it might get rained out 3) it's a 1.5 hour drive and a stressful drive, so why make the drive with the good chance it might get rained out 4) upper deck seats, terrible pitching match up

Sell them?

JUST gave them to my friends sister and they are leaving now (LOL), no way they get there by game time. lucky if they get there by 8

Well they only did that the one time cause there was a rain out. It causes insane traffic plus there was alot of arrests made last time because the stadiums are only 10 miles apart, and there is only one road to take so there was alot of people stalking all the cars between whatever time the first game ended and the other cause they knew the players would be traveling the road.

I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have.