Have no cLue what to train?

Kidding i no you gotta train in all area of the game bjj,wrestling,kickboxing ect...

But what i mean is fighting style before it was all 1:bjj (gracie)
2:Ground and pound (couture,matt,tito)
3: today the new one theme to be Sprawl and Brawl:

There probably more but it's early, I do believe that all three do work in todays MMA. What i would like to no from the ug is there still a place for GnP and BJJ in todays MMA (discusse)and List top fighter with there fighting type.

Side note: Is it just me or does it seem like the ufc is just a bunch of fighter using sprawl and brawl (newer guys i mean)

GNP: Tito,Fedor
S&B:Chuck,Mike swick
BJJ:royce, BTT