Have the Cubs EVER had an effective offense?

I don't mean like a couple good hitters here and there with some run generating power. I mean a REAL champion level offense with great contact hitters up and down the lineup, a good lead off man and an ability to manufacture runs with great base running and execution of proper situational hitting.

The only time I remember them doing well on offense is when they have a couple guys that have all-star years with high batting average and good power numbers. Then if those guys have off days, they just suck and lose. If they are somehow good enough to make the playoffs, they always get their ass waxed by teams that actually know how to put together and run a smooth, consistent, effective offensive unit. The Cubs don't even seem to know that's what you aim for. Their strategy always seems like, "Oh great, we got a guy on base. Next guy, you hit a home run and we're good with two runs! Oh, you popped up/you struck out without advancing the runner? Next guy... YOU hit a homer. Swing really hard. Oh man, double play. Shucks."

Fucking shitty ass Cubs, just go away. Giving away a prime Greg Maddux like a bunch of clueless loser assholes.

JerseyCityMMA - 1989...Dawson, Sandberg,Walton,DSmith?

the 88 team had palmero in place of smith


and dave martinez (not great but solid) in place of walton


plus berryhill and girardi splitting the catching duties



"Not in my lifetime but I was at a cubbies game where slammin sammy hit 3 homers, it was nuts!

later on in his career sammy got caught corking his bat and someone held up a sign that read "Hey Sammy put a cork in it" My little brother saw it and started crying. it was hilarious"

lol. The prime Sammy years were exciting, but he started sucking big time late on. Still good for a bomb here and there but otherwise striking out and blowing it in clutch opportunities.

The years they had Mark Grace he was their best contact and clutch hitter, but they also had the human strike out machine Shawon Dunston who never learned to lay off the low outside breaking ball on two strikes. Made for a great infield though. I think the few years they had Kenny Lofton they were heading in the right direction, but he was on the downside at that point.

Mu Cubs have had some really good Offensive Teams over the yrs. It kills me as a Cubs Fan we just have either the pitching or hitting but never at the same time. The next couple of years could be very good for us.

Go Cubs Go !

AmazinGracie - 

Cubs are gonna be a force over the next few years. 

yeah it's a shame they are in the division with the 2 best teams in baseball though.

I love their 85 ish era. Moreland, Jody, Dawson the Hawk, the Penguin, Dunston, Sandberg, the Bull.....maybe not all at the same time, but they could started a fine zoo.