have the FLU with a tooth Abcess makes u,,

really put everything rle on theback burner..i woke up3 nights ago and my jaw was screaming nd throbbing with pain..i couldnt sleep even wuith taking xanax an aspirin..i goodle at home remedies and tried pretty much alll of them..gargling with salt water didnt help, neither dde gurgling with whiskey..a friend had a hndful of 500 mg vicodens and ivebeen taking them occaisinally but they honest dont do much,,,ive tried heat and ice, ie makes it hurt worse, heat helps a littl bit,,the pain is so bad that i would take a shot of heroin if it would eliminate it..i called doctor and he cant get me in until thursday but i did start taking antibiotics..still thouh, holy fuck why is tooth pain s agonizing?ibe broken bones and it wasnt thi bad..is ths because during a tooth ache no adrenaline is realeased to counter the pain??

and yes i have a decent case of the flu too which makes things much worse

any suggestions to try??what helped you??

i have been watching shows like deadwood and i cant imagine how they dealt with shit like this...ughh