Have To Go To Jersey, FML

In jersey it’s pork roll. What the fuck.

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Yeah, that’ll do wonders for shedding the NJ stereotypes.

We call it taylor ham, too.

If your destination is South Plainfield, why not fly into Newark and save the hassle of going through the city?

Since no one has mentioned it, you should fly into Newark instead on the city.

You must be a south Jersey redneck. Have you never been north of Burlington county?

If you’re going to be in Newark, there is no better place for Portuguese or Brazilian food anywhere than in the Ironbound. Iberia, Fernandez, Elm st BBQ, the list goes on.

I grew up in somerset country. We imported the poors to do our yard work and cook our food, I guess we gave them a little too much leniency and they got their garbage speak on to the menus too!

Well I lived in Jersey in the late 80s/90s. It was called Taylor Ham Egg and cheese.

Its not up to me but im definitely gonna push this

Ultimately none of this is a decision i can make. Its just what has been mentioned so far. Hell, i dont want to go at all.

And I’ll be leaving 1 week after we finally get my family up here and moved in. Ive seen them 3 times in 2 months since taking this job.

New Brunswick has the stress factory comedy club that often has some good comedians passing through. Clydz is a great restaurant nearby with outstanding drinks

Between time and expense, it’s more efficient to fly into Newark than one of the NY airports and take a taxi/Uber to NJ. Tell that to whoever is setting up your travel plans.