Have to spend a while in New Jersey…

Final dates aren’t nailed down yet. Most likely first week in October I’ll get up there. Might hit the UFC.

Some really good restaurants in NJ


Hey bud

I am right next to Westwood. The entire area is perfectly nice, suburban, full of working parents, sports kods, parents always dropping off and picking up their kids from school, putting lawn signs of whatever college their kid got into type of towns

You have zero to worry about in this area

Now West Orange, on the other hand , is typical essex county. Lots of really nice, victorian home neighborhoods on one side, then the Newark vibes on the other

PM me if you end up in the Westwood area and I can give you suggestions for eateries, activities, outdoor stuff, etc

My older son is also 12 so we are pretty tuned in


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That’s awesome and super cool for you to offer. I really appreciate it. I’m not sure what to expect in terms of my son’s schedule, but if I am able to, I’m always down to buy an OG’er a beer.

Oh yessssss… I heard the movie your son will be in, it’s called The WFA!!!

Eye contact or no?

If the OG stars align, and Im able to somehow free up and MEAT you, that would be awesome

Otherwise, Ill give you a list of all those things yo do/eat with details. I know how it can become near impossible for 2 people’s schedules to align , esp when it involves kids.

Congrats to your son. That is a big accomplishment.

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Thanks Broski. We are really thrilled for him. He’s worked hard at this for a few years now, but the crazy thing is that for all we know he might never do something like this again. The focus when we are up there is to make sure he really enjoys his experience. I hope the adults who are in the movie are nice to the kids. I’ve heard sometimes that they are not, so I’m hoping for the best.


Is Kevin Spacey in it? Are you just going to cockblock your son?

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Was looking for the bombing and his Star Wars comment on the movie while in jersey. This is a close second about the state and how I feel about it

Just got the call today that production is halted for a few months because the potential impact of stormy weather up North from the remnants of Hurricanes will cause them to lose a few weeks of filming. If they wait until spring, they can get it done comfortably. I’m hopeful that my son won’t grow so much this winter that he doesn’t look the pet anymore. At any rate, it’s a bummer.

I am from West Orange. I was looking forward to meeting up and possibly robbing you. Maybe next time I guess.


Better bring some friends with you. I’m not an easy mark. Maybe in Spring we can find out, and then share a beer after we get out of the hospital/lockup.


My next door neighbor is also from West Orange

Ugh stinks
I hate the northeast weather lol

Hopefully everything works out

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Yeah. My son is pretty bummed out. He’s book a lot of commercials and stuff, but this would have been his first big feature film with any super established actors. Production has their eyes on end of February to begin filming so we will continue preparing him as much as possible so that he is such a good fit for the role at that point that it is undeniable.

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