Diaz keeps coming and not performing, why is he still here?

He needs some tune up fights. He has fought some hard competition in the past few fights, he needs to be able to get some easy ones once in a while.

He brings it every times he fights, and he has fought some stiff competition lately.

Though 4 loses in a row is a lot.

I personally have seen enough of him needs an attitude adjustment.. I can't wait to see more of Sean Sherk at 155

he didn't lose 4 in a row...and NO.

Smaller shows, get back to winning then I would like to see him again. Think the most obvious thing is he needs to train with a new camp in order to be a force.

He's the best UFC fighter with a losing record. Everybody he's fought has eaked out a decision against him. I definitely want to see more of him.

if you've seen his fights where he lost you'd know he had good showings and the fights were close. if he got dominated in his last 3 fights Matsui style then yeah it would make sense, but that's not the case.

whats the poinnt going to a smaller show and beating up people he already can beat? Just to make the win % look better? He belongs in the UFC.

He may have lost, but he has yet to get dominated. Even the unanimous 30-27 on the Sherk fight doesnt show how close that fight really was. I thought Diaz was going to beat Riggs and that was a close fight too. The only fight he looked bad in was the Diego fight.

He could win some fights if he would generate some offense. He seems to fight 'lazy'.

I was impressed by his takedown defense and his sweeps, when Sherk did get him down. looked like he improved considerably in those 2 areas compared to the Diego fight-another close fight.

Diaz came up short on the cards again, but I think he belongs in the UFC.

Von Flue vs Diaz would be great!

Have Diaz be the gatekeeper to see if these TUF fighters belong.

I'd keep him on the back burner as a late replacement/prelim fighter. The best thing for him might be going to a smaller show to beat up a scrub or two, get rid of the UFC/big show pressure.

He hasnt lost 4 in a row. They fed him an easy fight in Oishi and then he clearly lost 3 decisions to Sanchez, Riggs, and Sherk because of bad gameplan/lack of aggression.

I didn't even think he looked bad in the Diego fight.

I would like to see him stay in the UFC but get bumped down to fighting fighters a little less talented at this point in time.

He never gets truly dominated or looks outclassed against very tough competition, it's just that he doesn't really win either.

Hell improve and string together some wins, then everyone will jump on his bandwagon. Hopefully he continues with the weight training/explosive training and improves his power.

Diaz in every UFC possible is a must.

not performing? This guy has fought in his past few fights some tough MoFos. I dont think he has had a light fight yet...Sherk, Riggs, Lawler, Diego, Karo...And he is only 22 and made good fights out of each of these. Was not dominated and had a good chance of winning. 22 years old! In 3-5 years this guy will dominate that division.