Have you called the NSAC #FreeNickDiaz 7024862575


Honestly, if there's an email it would be much better to email. Archivable, written, electronic documents with proof on both ends. Voice mail can be deleted. If someone posts the email we should all use it. In fact, if any lawyers on here were willing to write a paragraph or two, which we can all paste and copy and sign off on in our own emails, might be most effective.


When I first met Ray he walked to the ring with a gigantic joint lol I knew him and I would get along just fine


Ramsey - I called....I told them i support the punishment. Phone Post 3.0
Eat a dick

Legalise Diaz Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

I feel like 90% of UGers who leave a voicemeail/email/etc will be doing more harm than good.

Hopefully, however, the other 10% will impact the members enough to reconsider their approach to punishing Diaz.