Have you ever hit your kid?

My dad hit me three times and I remember each time vividly. I can’t think of a scenario that would make me hit my children. I have certainly yelled at them a lot and probably fucked up their lives in other ways, but I can’t imagine getting mad and hitting them.

Is beating manners into kids a dying method? It seems like you’d be asking for a visit from a child protection agency if you even call your kids a harsh name these days. Are we spoiling the children by not giving them a few light slams every now and then?

TBF, all of the smacks I got as a kid didn’t stop me from doing whatever it was I got smacked for, and my pampered kids are far too lazy to get into the trouble I did.

I don’t think smacks do much. I’m not morally against them as long as they’re not serious blows. Taking a kids phone or not letting them play video games works way better in my experience


Yes P, I spanked them but never while angry or hard enough to cause a bruise. Disclaimer- my sons are older than most of you guys and it was a different time.


My kid spilled paint in the garage so I put out a cigar on his arm


No, but I have no doubt that it works.

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Yep. I apologized to both of them a couple years ago.
They both said they deserved it. It was a weight off of my chest. They are both productive workers and good young men.
Say what you will about me, but I felt hurt from those experiences long after they did.
Did it teach them respect? I like to think so.
Had a Great day w the youngest today.
Even though it’s all rear view mirror l hate that I had do that.


It’s definitely not the right move, and can stunt cognitive development.


No, but I’ve hit a bunch of other people’s kids.






No… both girls and tiny… i’d eat a bullet first and yes they have caused grief…

That study is horseshit. A spanking isn’t hitting your kid and the lack of them now is why the world is where it is…


On the behind once and it still bothers me. I am not a big proponent of hitting children. I am human and in that moment I see myself as a failure. Not a hard smack to to the butt non the less made me feel awful. Has to be a better way in my opinion

I was raised getting spanked when I stepped out of line and appreciate it till this day.

I try to limit it with my kids, but happens on rare occasion.

Hitting is different than spanking IMO. Spanking is hitting them in the butt, that’s ok. Taking a whack at them or smacking them up is abuse and absolutely not ok.

Anyone who says it’s the same has likely never been spanked and would rather send their Dakota/Tristan/Piper (some other goofy name) to time out without their phones for 3 mins.


I never put over knee, just a slight swat that even orcus wouldn’t be hurt by…


I have a 9 yo daughter and cannot imagine any scenario in which I’d hit her


I slap the wifes ass harder then I’ve ever touched my kids… extremely different situations…


I get it man - no judgment- in truth probably what is needed - just made me feel small

I always say, in my many talks about child abuse, that it’s better if you beat them rather than they beat you.

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Would be convenient for most if it was horseshit.

Lack of discipline is also very detrimental.That doesn’t mean you have to hit your kids.