Have you ever hit your kid?

I considered that my entire life until my parents died. My mother was a child educator. She worked in many facets of the industry from teaching all ages of kids and adults to academia to managing private education institutions. It was her life.

When she died I found journals she had kept on each of her kids development from her professional point of view. She had never shared these notes with anyone. It was beyond fucking weird to be honest. A lot of things were very obvious, many weren’t and were revelational.

Anyway, my youngest sisters personality flaws were present on arrival.

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And that’s the scary part about the human brain; I always looked at it like a circuit board. In the womb everything lines up and is wired to function, but the slightest things can go wrong and effect development and now you have circuits crossing and fucking up the signals. Well often times a person can do everything right but that child is born with a personality disorder that like a borderline where no matter what you do their just destined for misery and chaos. It’s sad but I’ve been around them and they are always causing chaos.

My gf is a therapist and she once told me about a couple who was wealthy and did everything for their kids to raise them well. One of their daughters was always a mess; fighting with her siblings, getting in trouble in school, things like that. Well as soon as she became sexually active the trouble really started. She used sex as a coping mechanism and basically fucked everything from the time she was 13. She was diagnosed with BPD when she was 18 and the entire family had been through hell dealing with her.

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“Have you ever hit your kid?”

Do you know a better way to inoculate them against veganism?