Have you ever Roundtreed a guys knee in a bar?

Many years ago my friend told me he was in a bar abroad and got into a scrap with a big white dude, maybe German? Anyway the guy sucker punched him and he sort of stumbled around. He regrouped, kicked the guy in the balls and stomped his knee. The giy screamed and he got a ghetto rnc on him. He was in the military before and I think he learned his fighting in there. He didn’t seem like a greaser to me so I am inclined to believe him. He said the guy was limping bad when he got up

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I believe you

Can you give the story?

My best friends daughter got involved in drugs, wound up missing. When my friend went looking for her at a popular Russian mafia bar they sent him to the hospital.

He was like a brother to me, and her a daughter even though I banged her before. I went in that bar demanding answers, and to make sure I got my point across I oblique stomped the first guy I saw, destroying his leg.


Again, I appreciate you getting my daughter back.

Wait… you did what before?!

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Hey it was 8 years ago!

I don’t know if I want to be friends with you

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She was 16!

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Too late!giphy (6)

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She had the body of a 17 yr old!


You always have liked them to be of questionable legality :joy::joy::joy:

wtf is a roundtree?

like a roundhouse?

Came close hundreds of times.

Rountree vs. Bukauskas


Yeah I hear ya man. I’m a bad dude too!

I’ve almost beat up pretty much everyone.

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Unlike you guys I don’t talk about kicking ass I do it. Someone pissing me off at an AYSO game, bam, Nolan Ryan headlock punches!


You sound like a nasty man!

I don’t think that Is Roundtree someone knee. I have a bum knee and would only do this if I really had to