Have you ever Snitched on Someone?

Tough subject but I dobbed in a mate of mine when I was in primary school. I felt so guilty I still remember his face to this day. Never did it again.

I’m sure some of you have grassed or snitched.

No. But my friend with me at time did snitch and got the shit beat outta him. Potential FRAT.

We got out of middle school and would walk to the elementary to get picked up because we had brothers there, and they got out 30 minutes after us.

We are walking and meet up with this kid Michael. Michael was Mexican and sort of a gang banger. He hung out with his HS kids.

Michael was always cool with me so we are walking together. It’s me, Michael and my other buddy Steve. Out of nowhere Michael goes, “watch this.” And like Dr. J hook shots a big ass rock over this wall. We hear a window shatter and all run. Well, Michael is fast as fuck. I am white and slow and so is Steve. We get caught by guy who lived in house, and the cops show up almost immediately.

Cops take us back to the house with the broken window. Immediately I say I don’t know the kid that threw it and steve immediately start spilling the bean. We get let go.

Next day at school we get pulled into the office. I say I don’t know the kid but pretend took at the yearbook to see if I recognize him. I say no and get let go. Agai, Steve drops the dime.

At lunch about a week later I’m chillin and Michael comes up and goes, “where’s steve?” I say I don’t know haven’t seen him all day.

About 5 minutes later Michael finds him and beats the piss outta him for snitching. Someone had heard Steve say who it was in the office and told Michael when he came back to school.


I legit gave a snitch stitches when I was 15. He was a bleeder :sob::sob::joy::joy:

I have never snitched on anyone… but like 95% of people don’t know definition of snitching so I am just going to assume you don’t actually mean snitching. It’s only snitching if you’re in the game/involved in whatever the fuck was happening. If you’re an innocent bystander/witness to a crime/act and you tell someone that isn’t snitching…

Anyway I did see someone stealing a car once and called the cops, only time I’ve called them in my life.

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i was the 2nd to final interviewer for some mid level position we needed to fill
the candidate ended up being some millenial aged bitch i got into a road rage altercation with a day or 2 prior and she called me a “Jew” or a “kike” or some jewish slur as she drove off . im actually Italian but get mistaken for “Jewish” often

when i entered the room, we both instantly locked eyes and came to the realization who each other was
i basically told her this isn’t happening and told my boss that she shouldnt be hired bc of what she did/said to me…LOL

no regerts


Nah, thats not grassing, thats just doing your boss a favor of avoiding a HR nightmare.

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