Have You Ever wanted to Train or visit SE Asia?

I've been trying to keep up with blogs, instagram posts, video and more about my trip over here right now... I have two blogs from fight week here at One FC in Singapore..


You know, my usual hanging with fighters, showing what we're eating, going on random adventures.. I haven't posted any of it here on the UG but I figure I would let you guys know about it..


Tonight is the ONE FC- I will post key photos here on this thread from the fights tonight..


I also did a few albums last week at Tiger Muay Thai which I'm going to try and go back and blog about but unfortnately I have been sick for about a week now and trying to work through it. I head to Chiang Mai tomorrow where there is another Tiger Muay Thai gym that I am going to, and I believe also a Team Quest so I may have to go check that out as well. Then it will be back to Phuket on Monday for a week more in paradise where Songkran, Thai New year will be getting underway.


Is there anything anyone would like me to try and get pictures of or check out while I'm out there?


Here's my two Singapore Blogs:



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Nice. Thanks for sharing. Phone Post 3.0

Here's a few fun photos from the trip so far...