Have you ever won a fight just pumping a jab?

Lorenz Larkin has a deadly as fuck jab and coupled with being hard to hit he can knock the snot out of your nose real quick when you spar.

Three things come to mind:

  1. You’re playing his game by staying outside and then trying to come back inside. Stop playing his game. Make him come to you (e.g., make him think there are openings, but really it’s just a trap) or stay on the inside, don’t exit. This second point is harder to do in sparring without it turning into a war, but, if one guy insists on ONLY working his jab, what are you going to do? Either play his game back or turn it into more of a fire fight.

  2. Counter the jab. There’s too much to say here. Go on Youtube and search for “counter the jab”. You’ll find 300 million videos.

Edit: forgot 3: are we talking boxing or muay thai here? If you need to stay inside you could turn it into a clinch fest without being a cheese dick. Nothing wrong with clinchwork, knees to the body, sweeps.

Holy fuck I didn’t even see that post until you just mentioned it

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I thought it would be a good idea to spar a former pro boxer with 4oz MMA gloves once. I think he flash KO’d with a jab. That or it just hurt real bad. As soon as I could I immediately shot a double, took him down and choked him.

After he tapped he praised me for being so strong and taking him down and choking him so easy… in reality if he followed up that jab with a decent combo he could have killed me. LOL


I wonder if we’re all fucked in the head? I’ve been chuckling away at these tales and it occurred to me that, for instance, my coworkers would find these stories abhorrent. To me these are Great, even the losses, no shame in losing. I’m just curious what a standard human would think of our tales ?

Thank god my wife has no interest in teh OG…

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Yea I had to change my Xbox account. The ex was like “who’s song2?” I was like nobody. I was worried she Google it and find me.

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My best buddy and I work together. We also train martial arts/UFC together.

On Monday we were watching the highlight of Ferguson getting punted by Chandler and laughing about it. A few of our coworkers were very much aghast with our reactions to the kick. One guy even said, “I think that guy is pretty hurt, you shouldn’t laugh at that,” to which we laughed even more!


Fauci did …


This is how I know you’ve never been to muslim neighbourhoods
Most often, the smaller guys are the problem.

Back when I was grappling I caught a few lunch time sessions and then raced back to work. It’s pretty common for me to be banged up a little bit so I didn’t notice my teeth were pretty bloody from being face wrenched (failed RNC). My coworker was like WTF were you doing, do you need to go to the hospital? I told him I was fine and that we actually go pretty easy on each other… it’s a brotherhood. He decided to stick with TKD.

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I remember one time I fell over after I’d been Sambuco and smacked my face on the floor, breaking me beak and giving me road rash. At work the next day my boss wouldn’t believe I hadn’t been fighting. I was assured him I was just shitfaced, which didn’t go down much better tbh

yeah, I live in a wonderfully DIVERSE Upscale Community and so my Muslim neighbors aren’t rabble-rouser roughnecks like those deplorable ProudBoys!

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Now as to muslims, if they’re Whitepresenting, overachieving or westernised they pose no problems. Many nations like Iran have mostly wonderful people. But tell that to the Swedes. Tell that to Italians. Or show us where Somalis where ever thought of as enriching.
Bottom line, if you ever visit a North African migrant enclave, don’t relax around hobbit sized Maroccans.

Heard short arms mentioned, even with short arms with good timing and footwork you can mess people up with a jab if needed.

Drawing people in then advancing to meet their forward movement with a jab or lead hand (harder than a pure jab) can produce fight ending power.

@Song2 you may be able to help me out with this one.

Cork, Ireland many moons ago/years ago, was walking down the street with a pal and out comes this guy from a pub.

Older guy full of facial scars and cauliflower ears to boot. (I had one ear from youth wrestling that some people picked up on from time to time).

Anyway this drunk old bastard starts kind of messing with me and my pal (US tourists) sort of mocking us. My pal also trained was a former /recent Marine good shape so this old bastard had courage and or bravery from a bottle.

Right about the time I thought the guy may actually start swinging or attacking, he picked up on the way I changed foot placement while standing, footwork etc, (it was not really that obvious to an average person). Of course I was still smiling and hands down. But thinking if he followed as I moved off angle I bet that it may be time to hit him.

The old fucker started in "what do we have here, looks like we gotta boxer here " At most I may have bladed off a little but thought I disguised it especially to his drunken state.

After he got his kick ribbing about the boxer, he calmed down wanted to move on talk etc.

For years my pal and I used to joke and wonder what if that scarred up cauliflower ear pub drunk bastard in Cork Ireland would have whooped us both.

I give the guy real credit for reading the movement because it was not obvious but I was thinking about drawing him in then advancing to meet with a. lead left/hard jab.


I’ve not been to cork, but I’ve been to Dublin, for st Patrick day. I was trying to keep a really low profile as I was military at the time and not allowed to go there. I don’t recall seeing any trouble. It was a giant party. Everyone loved each other… I don’t mess with Irish or Scottish people tho as a rule of thumb, they fight hard. I manage to get my ass kicked by wimps I don’t need to be fighting tough people.

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Every fighter has the same thought at some point warming up,” why the fuck do I do this? My friends don’t do this.”

That’s because normal people don’t like to get in fights or get hit. They think we are barbarians. Everyone likes to watch but no one understands why the fuck any of us fight.

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The Canadian fighter John Makdessi, aka the Bull comes to mind. Short, with short arms and a short torso. His jab is his best weapon.

1-You don’t pump a jab. The jab should be thrown with the same intent as any other punch. With the right mechanics this is easy to achieve.

2-Since we are talking MMA and not boxing there are more responses available against a jab. Parrying and punching the arms are two.

So I was working with one of my fighters on his standup. He was a wrestler and a good one. His hands were looking good. We game plan that he is going to keep it on his feet. It’s an amateur fight. We are warming up and he’s doing good on the pads. We take a break and one of my cornerman says to me, “ hey that’s our opponent taking a nap over there.” Uh oh that’s never a good sign. That is what Matt Hughes used to do for a warm up. I tell my fighter ,” don’t be afraid to take him down”. As we get prepped to walk out I see our opponent get up and he hits the pads like 5 times and you can hear the air crack. Fight starts and they meet in the middle and the guy throws a jab that hits us in the forehead and splits it straight up the middle with one jab. From the top of the bridge of his nose to the bottom of his hairline. Luckily my guy shoots a double and finishes him with ground and pound. That was the hardest fucking jab I’ve ever seen. It turns out his opponent was an amateur mmaer with 28-7 pro boxing record. Fuck the Manager did a shitty job for that match up.