Have you gotten the vaccine and now regret it?

I live in California, I know I know… They’re making it harder and harder to not be vaccinated and my daughter now has to get it or be tested weekly before she starts her sophomore year in high school. I’m very against forced vaccination but my fall semester starts in a couple weeks and I’ll probably have to get it too.

Any of you guys get it and regret it? I’m on the fence about getting it but don’t want to be tested every fucking week either. :confused:

why would you regret it?


Because honestly, I’m not anti vax in any way, I even get my annual flu shot, but there’s something about this shit I just do not trust.


I’m 100% the same… if I don’t get the shots, working in healthcare is a nightmare. but after getting it… is what it is I guess


My school is in Los Angeles county and they’re going so overboard it’s not even funny. I don’t live in this county but going to school there makes me subject to all the rules and right now, pretty much all the schools including the universities are going to mandate it. Which one did you get? Pfizer or Moderna?


double Phizer

and on purpose… my gov “pretended” a mix was ok and probably even better

my mate warned me the US didn’t agree and US travel could be hard if I got different shots

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Who’s forcing her? Tell her not to get and get treated every 2 weeks sounds reasonable

I got the vaccine and few days later developed autism.

I am now constantly winning at the casino and have done my taxes EARLY.


Is there a reason why you don’t trust it? There wasn’t a mass outbreak of hospitalizations while we had a mass vaccination campaign going. They dropped dramatically during that time. Or do you trust potentially catching covid more? Covid with certainty has more dangerous and more common side effects than anything from the vaccine.

Yes there are likely minor side effects you will have. If you aren’t prone to allergic reactions then you are almost completely safe. If you are prone to allergic reactions then spend extra time at the vaccine facility.

The blood clotting issues seem to be very likely related to shitty injection training and the medical techs hitting a vein. Certainly a risk.

I’ve looked at the VAERS data too and the vast majority of reactions were with in 48 hours and not long term. The bad reactions also skewed more toward 75 and older.

The recent Pfizer 6 month safety and efficacy data came out recently and 24% of people in the vaccine side of the study had adverse events compared to 6% in the placebo group. 1.2% had severe reactions in the vaccine group versus 0.7% in the placebo group.


The school district is making all students get vaccinated or get tested weekly. Basically they’re harassing the students to make them get vaccinated.


Really, it’s all the misinformation and double stepping by just about every single govt agency it seems. The numbers don’t seem to add up either. Who do you trust now, you know?


Is it really that hard to muster up the guts to roll up your sleeve for a vaccine…which countless little old ladies have done before you, without any trepidation? Just like all the kids did for many vaccines of the past?

Every single person I know from friends to grandparents to teenagers in our families happily got vaccinated as soon as they could. Nobody was churning in their sleep about it, and everyone has been completely fine.

Seriously, does it really sit well with you to let old folks step up and get the shot without fear while a young dude like you wrings his hands over the whole thing?

Don’t go proving that this generation is so soft when it comes to pitching in during disaster.


Bro it’s not that at all. I was in the military for a long time and I took everything they threw at me. I even got the anthrax and smallpox shots. The shot itself is nothing. It’s the fact that I’m not in the group that needs to worry and we really don’t know anything about the long term effects. I’m not trying to put shit in my body any more now that I have a choice, that I don’t know much about. I don’t think that’s irrational, I think it’s reasonable.


You say the shot is nothing but follow that right after with fearing “putting shit” in your body and worry about possible “long term effects.” Thats classic vaccine fear.

As I said: consider that countless people, from teens to old people have had no problem rolling up their sleeves for the shot. Hundreds of millions in the USA. BILLIONS around the world. Does it really strike you as reasonable, 1/2 a year later to still be so worried?

Virtually every expert in immunology, communicable disease and vaccines is saying “get the shot, it’s very effective and has a very good safety profile!”

All of them got vaccinated when they could.

What is it that they know that you don’t?
They understand the history of vaccines, the design of the current vaccines, the safety and efficacy data.

They will tell you that there is no good reason to expect sudden “long term side effects” to pop out of nowhere far down the line. Severe side effects are very uncommon EVEN in those few vaccines in the past that were pulled from use!

In the entire hundreds of years long history of vaccines there has never been a severe side effect that occurred beyond 6 weeks after injection, most much closer to the time of injection. That’s why the clinical trials went longer than six weeks to catch anything.
The trials were large enough so that of any severe side effects existed they would be very rare. And the real world data from hundreds of millions of vaccinated have shown this to be the case. The original study cohorts still followed and over a year later and no problems. They are about as safe as vaccines get.

The fears people have are virtually always from their own lack of knowledge or from misinform, both of which should be easily remedied. It’s right to think critically about any of this. But then there is cynicism. If you go in to educating yourself full of cynicism about governments or scientists you are liable to either reject facts or be led down rabbit holes of misinformation. There are all too many stories now of folks who let their cynicism get the best of them, leading to putting off the vaccine, and regretting it ending up on oxygen or ventilators.


you’re reading comprehension is fail


It’s harassment to test her for covid?

is it harassment to test for flu?

Not got a vaccine yet, there are a ton of ppl regretting it due to the fact that a 3rd shot is now being talked about and the fact that you can catch it and pass it on whilst vaccinated.

Don’t understand why some ppl on here are pushing the agenda so much- if the virus can be passed on even though vaccinated to others, what is all this talk of “doing your part” and “mucking in”??

The idea of the vaccine was to stop you getting it, now that’s proven not to be true its done a job by not overrunning the hospitals, thats it.

There are vulnerable ppl who cannot take the vaccine, so can catch covid from vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, so i don’t get the argument from the pro vaxers.

I will get a vaccine when its actually proven to work like other 1 and done vaccines and there has been longer studies carried out. If its a case of getting a booster shot every year I’ll be treating it like the flu shot, which i don’t get because I’m fairly young and not in a risk category.


I mean harassment in the way that you know they’re going to stick something up your nose repeatedly until you give in and get the shot.


You seem to really care about this vaccine.

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