Have you gotten the vaccine and now regret it?

Some Israeli data

Google is your friend

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I’ll see if I can find the main one…it’s like 3 hrs long and he talks with a couple of virologists

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Man I really enjoy discussions and posts you make (the nuclear energy “French method”)

But think about, on many different levels, how wrong that sentence is.

Lol. That’s where I got that plot. I googled


In October 2019 Loren Walensky became the scientific co-founder and a member of the Board of Directors of Lytica Therapeutics, “an early-stage biotechnology company working on an innovative platform for developing next-generation antimicrobials.” (LabCentral)

Just four months later, Walensky’s Lytica received a $16.9 million dollar HHS grant to “develop antibacterial peptides with broad activity against multidrug-resistant bacteria.” Only $5.3 million of that money was initially disbursed to Lytica, and the remaining $11.6 million is scheduled to be disbursed upon the achievement of “certain development milestones.”

But is the issue failure to disclose this potential conflict of interest?

Kind of interesting from the Pfizer 6 month safety and efficacy data that the US had the highest efficacy at 90% but Argentina was down to 78% in the same study. The US represented 76% of the study and Argentina was the 2nd largest 13%. This could be related to the different variants there.

The cut off point in the study of 16 weeks post 2nd shot showed a decline efficacy to 83.7% from the initial 96.2% in the 1-8 week time after the 2nd shot. The delta variant could possibly be doing very well against the Pfizer vaccine. There did still seem to be strong protection against severe covid, but the study did not track hospitalizations or asymptomatic covid infection.

This study also seemed to follow a healthier than average group.

Any rough idea when your employees got vaccinated?

Supplementary index download there

I’m at the VA right now and they’re offering the j&j.

So I got the j&j vaccine. If I end up dying or growing another baby arm, I’ll be sure to let you guys know.


Good luck and keep us posted! I am particularly interested in the J&J if it gets to a point where its a mandate.

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If you had to get one that is the one to get.

Imagine if they would just show this data instead of all the fear mongering.

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google the 1976 “swine flu pandemic” that never existed . look at the CDC’s involvement and look up how much money Merck pocketed.

Yup, even based on that, arguably biased and outdated data, only 2.3% of unvaccinated people are catching Covid and > 99% of those catching it will survive.

Honestly I didn’t want it at all. I’m not scared of catching covid, I’m just tired of being hassled about not having the vacc.
My arm was sore for about ten minutes earlier but went away and I have dry mouth, but nothing else so far. Let’s see what happens tonight or tomorrow. I’ll post up if I start feeling shitty.