Have you heard of this...

Noticed that there are tons of bikini shops on my wife's Instagram profile. Browsed a bit and noticed that there's a new type of bikini that's the new craze. It's called THE REVERSABLE THONG! What?!

How so i post pics so I can show you these bad boys? Phone Post 3.0

IMG_0103.PNG Phone Post 3.0

you need to host the pic on a website like fb or photobucket then link it bro

Brown on one side, yellow on the other? Phone Post 3.0

Nothing new.  Jnaks has been using reversable underwear for years.

jnaks has been wearing thongs in reverse for years as well and somehow manages to maintain modesty as well....

I don't usually sniff thong underwears, but when I do......

They're usually my own. Phone Post 3.0



You forgot the # Phone Post 3.0