Have you or do you do drugs?


Only the weak are afraid to expand consciousness.

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Yeah it really is

Out of my peer group. Friends from high school and college. 3 dead from alcohol and another one knocking on the door
The one is full blown alcoholic and has been to treatment 2x and both his parents are doctors

Cocaine has killed 0

I know 0 people addicted to cocaine

Crack is closer to the dangers of alcohol I’d vote them equal to damaging

Most people can dable in coke use and not have any issues you spend too much money or get fucked up for awhile and go back to normal

Alcohol is physical dependent issues

If my buddy quit drinking cold turkey he would die

The only reason alcohol is legal is because prohibition failed. Organized crime flourished & people kept drinking

In some counties alcohol is illegal (Indian reservation) and it destroys those communities

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I live in a dry county. It is only illegal to sell it here.

Most coke heads don’t overdose, although i have a friend that did by slamming it. Most commit suicide because they get so fucking depressed. Another friend on coke developed blood clots and is lucky to be alive.

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Not IME , Xanax use , long term meth use
May lead to suicide but I know very few people who have suicide themselves

Pussy is the #2 cause of suicide ime or lack of. Or divorce drama from pussy



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No I don’t. And don’t you sass me either because we’re best og buds!

Me and my buds have a yearly shroom/acid camping trip


Good for you, I didn’t think there were this many completely sober people on the OG…

I’m not sure how many they are.

I don’t drink or drug but I’m not judgy about it lol. I believe in freedom above all else. Even if someone’s making choices that don’t work for me.

But I love coming into the drug threads and acting like a rube :rofl:

I just can’t help myself!

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Damn I bet the wearer of this gear gets TONS of pussy!

I disagree completely. There are some folks that know without ever doing shrooms/LSD/DMT/etc that it may very well turn a manageable mental illness into a full blown permanent twilight zone episode.


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Um I guess maybe if you have a family history of mental illness or something.

Otherwise it’s worth the trip

I do mushrooms 2-3 times a year

I don’t ‘do’ I ingest them on recommendation from my neurophysiologist

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Yes I have done lots of drugs. There were many years in my twenties where I was fucked up on one substance or another every day. I would sleep an hour or two and then get up and do it again the next. I always made it to work and busted my ass and my bills were always paid. Alcohol was never one of the drugs I would take though. It got to the point where being sober actually felt like a high more than a drug. The clear headedness and not feeling worn down was the feeling I wanted to chase and is what eventually got me to quit. I have been completely sober for over 4 years now.

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A man like you who drinks room temperature soup out of a can should not be too judgy about OGers who have histories of recreational drug use! Hell even hardcore drug addicts know to use a bowl and spoon if they want to eat soup.