Haven't been back to my hometown in over 15 years

almost there . . .

made a pit stop for lunch at this Japanese market on the jersey side of the Hudson River

haven’t stepped foot inside Manhattan/NYC since the mid 2000s but have kept up with local going ons/politics/etc. since I moved out of state

going to be kind of trippy for me, especially since I ate some shrooms 15 minutes ago

anyone else visiting “back home” these days?

I moved " back home" to California in 2013 after having left it in 87 or 88. The amount of change is staggering. Some good, but a lot of bad changes have happened, mostly political as everyone knows. It’s still a beautiful state, but holy shit the politicians and garbage voters have fucked it up.

all i have done for the past decade is just read/hear news about NYC that I feel like I haven’t checked out
but now my eyes have to reconcile with my mind, as I havent physically been present in the place that i follow on a daily basis

i dont look at much social media posts or pictures or anything, so it will definitely be a mindfuck , to an extent for me…hence deciding to shroom it up on this gorgeous day

and, of course, the airline fucked up my checked baggage and I probably have to run back to Newark Liberty airport at sometime this weekend

You might have a 21 year old son looking for you

How do you decide what your “hometown” is?

I’ve only been back to the city I grew up in a few times for weddings, funerals, and a kid’s first birthday party. I can’t believe how many people I grew up with never left.

I’ve only been “home” once in the last eight years and immediately regretted it. I’m heading that way next month because I have some family that is getting older / sicker and want to visit them, but I’m not looking forward to being in the overall area.

Maybe I need to try the shrooms.