Havent crapped in a week.

o.k., I shed about 15 pounds in a month on atkins and through some hard exercise. I also completely dehydrated myself to weigh in for a tourney this week. Now I cant take a crap! I feel the urge, but it is as if Im all backed up. HELP! lol...I hate this feeling.

I tried exlax last week. That led to some nasty diarrhea. Ive also added fiber and went off atkins for a few days to see if that would help, but it hasnt.

Any advice?


Andre, drink some water with Epsom Salt in it. That will clean you out good.


Thanks, Calbert!!

That works? Seriously? How?

anal retentive

LOL.Water is a great idea.


Epson salts will also give you diarrhea. If you are constipated from dehydration you need an osmotic laxative...something that pulls water out of your body into your intestines. Milk of Mag, Magnesium citate or epson salts. Generally used as a last resort are mag citrate and other osmotic laxatives due to the fact that they dehydrate you more and can lead to electrolyte imbalance.

If you have a problem with constipation on a regular basis, I would use something like psyllium husk or other fiber based laxatives. Take them every day whether you are constipated or not. They are good for the shit :)

I dont like chemical based laxatives.

I also dont like atkins (but who is asking).

good luck.

Enemas are good if you have a big rock of poop in your rectum that isnt going anywhere and you need to loosen it up.


cripes, man.


LOL! Hello!

have you crapped yet?

not yet, but I think Im almost there!

That psyllium husk that pbolger mentioned works good too. It's probably better for you overall, but it may take a day or two to work. The epsom salt is more dramatic. You probably need more water, especially because you exercise a lot. More water and more fiber. Remember, you're only as healthy as your colon!


First post in August. No poop yet lol.

Try Metamucil (sp?)

"The back up feces in the colon can become toxic."

Ummmm, that cant be good.

"The back up feces in the colon can become toxic."

This actually happened to me when I was 9 years old. I became real sluggish and had crazy pain in my gut. I won't get into the details because the story is graphic, but I ended up at Children's Hospital in D.C. (I lived in northern Virginia) and they made me drink this shit called "Go Lightly" which tasted like sea water. I couldn't drink it so they eventually put a tube up my nose and down my throat in order to administer the stuff. When I finally went to the bathroom it was probably the biggest load a 9 year old ever dropped. Ever since then, I'm very serious and aware when it comes to going to the bathroom.


going to the bathroom is serious business. Serious and aware.

"going to the bathroom is serious business. Serious and aware."

Sorry, that sounds weird doesn't it? When I say aware I mean I pay close attention when I go so that I quickly notice when something may be wrong.

Just messin with you. It did sound weird.