Having a great time here in Japan

I am still Tokyo and loving it! I just rolled at g-square gym today with Oyama, Yokoi, A french student of Renzos named Warren, and Yoshida. It was a BLAST!

Japan truly is a fighters "Paradise". Never will we be treated this well in the US.

Bob is looking MEAN for his fight with Abidi. Look for some fireworks.

Once again I have to thank all that have helped me out and took me around the city. A shout oout to the UG Japan posse: Dragonhead, Gryphon, Circus, and their friends.

BIG BIG ups to all my Japanese friends: Enson, Erson, Miyu, Takumi, Kevin and Total fitness, TK and Mika, Yokoi, Wada, Namekawa, Abeani and AACC, Masa, Megu, Harada and ROCKIED, Uno and Family, Hideto and Riko, Mitsugi, MANDARAKE,Manabu, Susumu, Mr. Aoki and GUTCH, Kancho Ishi and K-1, Daisuke, PRIDE and everyone else who is down for the cause.

Oh and Erin Toughill was out here for a sec. Whatever...:-)

I have met many more friends while out here. Heres to seeing you soon.

Domo Arrigato Gozai-masu, Nippon.


"Aoi me no Kenshiro"

Formerly the "Baby Faced Assassin"

Glad to hear you're having fun.

lol @ "Aoi me no Kenshiro". That "Omae wa mou shindeiru" line was awesome!

Hope to see you fight in Japan soon.

you're the man, josh! hope to see you fight again soon

Josshu san, great. I had a very good time too!

Check out DragonHeads thread, "Toy Shopping with Josh Barnett" and my thread, "Barnett is Made for Japan ".

Good luck with Sapp!

LOL....my "friend" said you were lurking around on this forum. I would have never known....:) I had to see how much fun you guys were having - without me!!! I MISS Japan :( At least your giving me some props. See, you just cannot forget me.... I still hate you. SO, WHAT - fuckn' - EVER! Say hi to Bob and tell him to kick some French asssss. Check ya later Johnny Quest. :)

BTW - "FORMERLY the Baby Face....????" Are you gonna name yourself after one of those Thunder Cats, or is it one of those guys in the bird outfits??? Just wondering...:)

lol @ Erin.Look at Josh's prifile! His first hobby is Japanese anime. His knowledge is sick. He probably knows more about Japanese anime than the biggest Anime geek in Japan. Its true.About his newly added nickname, it means Blue Eyed Kenshiro. Kenshiro is a character from the Japanese anime, Hokutono Ken aka the Fist of Northen Star. The bellow is the pic Josh's fighing Kenhiro.Kenshiro's famous line is, when he touches a bad guy with his finger, he always say, "Omaewa mou shindeiru", meaning "You are already dead!", which is the line Josh said to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at the end of his challenging speech to Nogueira.

Thank you Josh, we had a really great time with you!

I heard you got many gifts from Japanese fans. We, Japanese fans, really love you and we are looking forward to seeing your fight in Japan.

BTW, I also heard that you have a SEGA Mark3. SEGA Mark3 is my favorite video game platform, and I still have a "Hokutonoken for Mark3". I wish I could have played it with you.

STAGE.1 "Southern Cross"

vs. Heart (Not Matt Ghaffari!)

vs. Shin

STAGE.2 "Land of the Gods"

vs. The Colonnel

STAGE.3 "Devil Rebirth"

vs. Devil

STAGE.4 "Cassandra"

vs. Toki

STAGE.5 "Seitei Juuji Ryou"

vs. Souther


vs. Raou

Ummmm....NICE shorts. Or are they PANTS??? Josh is trying to start a new trend: They COULD be shorts, they COULD be pants. It's a new ambiguous fashion statement. Since Josh is that kinda person - he needs something that will REFLECT his "personality" It's really quite bold. Either way - he will be ready for the BIG FLOOD if it hits Japan anytime soon. hahahahahaha.

And don't EVEN try to bring up MY shorts...:)

OK I wontsay shoit about your shorts Erin. I do have a song stuck in my head though..."Lookit dem girls with the Daisy Dukes on! Oooooh wont you jus'..Lookit dem girls with the Daisy Dukes on!!"

Ahh...much better.

Yes Dragonhead the fans have been so great to me I promise to give them the best fights theyve ever seen and a real "hero" to root for. That game looks "Kakui"


Josh and Erin still going at it.............