Having a pool table in your house...

...is it epic, or do you get sick of it after awhile?

Got rid of it. Also got rid of the shuffleboard table.

Sometimes they get get covered in laundry.

opieandjimmy - Darts or fuck your mother
Still have the dart board.

opieandjimmy - Darts or fuck your mother

My mother's in a coma.

472CKL - dome hockey or foosball

Canada ?

Powdered Toast Man -
opieandjimmy - Darts or fuck your mother

My mother's in a coma.

Even easier than usual then?

I forget that it's there for weeks even months at a time.

Every once in a while I get back into then lose interest after a while.

I've had one for 5 years, came with the house. It's pretty awesome, I found myself using it all the time for the first 4 years.

It also has a ping pong top, which my kids prefer, so it's been covered with that top for the past year. It's too much of a pain in the ass to change it often, so I've just left it on. Gonna switch it back soon, I miss shooting pool.

If you have a big house, It's cool.

I would not like having one in a small house.

You mean one of them fancy eatin tables with pot passers and meat stabbers?

I rented out a house with 3 friends when I was in my early twenties and we had a pool table. We would party 4-5 times a week and the table had hundreds of stains of all sorts on it by the end of our time there. But I would play on it every damn day and I became fairly decent at pool, and will 100% buy a table when I have the space for one.

My brother's had one for years. We used to play all the time when I'd go over and see him, but I don't go there anymore and has it covered it all sorts of papers and other shit for four-five years now.

Had one in our house throughout middle school and high school. It was pretty cool.

My dad shot league, so he used it quite a bit. He'd have company over and they'd hang out and shoot pool, I'd have friends over after school pretty often to shoot pool, my dad and I would shoot some games...

I wouldn't say it was "epic" but yeah it was pretty damn cool. Definitely saw regular use.

If you get one, get it re-felted with the high quality/competition felt. It's smooth as butter.

Didn't work out too good for Fred Sanford.

I had one for a while, with superfast Simonis cloth, new rails, shimmed pockets, but it was only an 8ft table.  It was a Brunswick with the same top as the Gold Crown, but was a different model.  It was great.  Moving was a bitch.  It's not easy to find a good table mechanic.  There was only one guy in Arizona able to do that level of work.

Id say a pool table and a couple arcade games in a room that arent your garage, or a boat you dont live on, are signs you made it in life. 

Fahqhard -
BJTT-Frank Rizzo - Sometimes they get get covered in laundry.
This.. aftet awhile it becomes a table top..
Mine is covered with gis, sparring gear, and mail/magazines.

I used to play every weekend when I had friends over and we were drinking. I'm at 2 years no booze and think I've played on my table maybe 20x tops in these past 2 years and probably not once in the last 9 months.

I have darts and Pool table. I only play either when I have friends over for drinks. 

I have a $6000 Diamond Pro Am table and play 5 nights a week. I do tournaments and leagues so it's what I'm into.