Having Gallbladder Surgery On Thursday!

My gallbladder has always been a little iffy, but the first round of y90 radiation sent to my liver fried the little fucker. They said it will likely never be the same. I’ve read its a pretty simple procedure, outpatient actually.

Any of you Golden Gods ever had it done?


My wife did…she had three little holes…it was like they sucked it out with a straw.

It’s nothing. I did mine myself with a butter knife and a bottle of scotch!

J/k best of luck with surgery.


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I know a few people who have had there’s removed. They’re all fine. It was quick and easy.

Good luck

Thanks man

What were your symptoms Dave?

I had gallbladder sludge 10 years ago and haven’t had the best diet. I’m too big a pussy to get another ultrasound on my belly but think I probably need mine out too.

Good luck kid, heard the same that it’s outpatient and piece of cake

I work in the med device field for a surgical robotic company. I’ve probably watched 150+ gall bladder removals. While having any surgery comes with some risk, I have to say that a gall bladder removal is one of the easiest and most routine surgeries you can have. A good surgeon can complete the entire surgery in about 30 minutes or less. Feel good about this one. Recovery is typically pretty easy as well. Most patients are up walking around the same day. Good luck!!

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Pain in right side and shoulder, made much worse from the y90, thats pretty much it. Lots of gurgling.

Thanks man

I will pray for you bro. Fuck that gall bladder! Cut that quitter out asap

Yep. Seen hundreds. Fastest I’ve seen is 17 minutes from initial incision to dressings going on. Average is about 45 minutes. Things can go wrong like any surgery, but this is as routine a surgery as they come these days. Good luck!

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Did it. Best thing I ever did. I had all kinds of problems till I got it out. I did get pneumonia from the surgery but the procedure went fine. Outpatient easy.

I’ve gotten mine out. I survived.

Woman I knew, a Pastor, died during routine gallbladder surgery just a few years ago. True story. Left a husband and 2 small children. RIP Maggie.

Surgery went good, twice as long as expected, GB was a fucking mess. Shit is painful, but I shall draw on the strength of the OG to make it go away…


Excellent bro :muscle::facepunch:

Having a gall bladder removed shouldn’t be a concern. Plenty of people live long, healthy lives with just one gall bladder.

Glad it went well. Recover quickly.


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