Having sex in a leg cast tonight, any advice?

whichever leg is broken, lay on the edge of the bed that allows your leg to dangle off the bed. still gives full access to your ass

Apply a slight coat of coconut oil around the cast to make it easier to insert.


if she isnt active enough, hit her with the cast on her flanks. it is like a jockey wtih a riding crop. thank me later.

Have her sign it afterwards

Brockback Mountain - Ease it in slowly.

Bravo sir, can't believe no one else showed this any love.

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Powdered Toast Man -
Sackhole -

I have 2 broken tibias. Best way is cowgirl and missionary, but you can also do big spoon if you put your broken leg on the bottom. Try and do a kink night instead, like tying her up with blindfolds and doing stuff to her, like ice cubes candles vibrators and a feather duster. Honestly the sex will probably suck with a broken leg, spice it up as much as you can.


dont do doggie. Take pain killers and maybe a viagra.

Do you mean that you have two broken ankles right now or that you've broken two in the past?

Two broken tibs right now :( But almost recovered!

And not ankles mate, my lower tibia is broken on both legs from a car accident. AND I'm wearing 2 giant metal frames on my legs


like this: https://imgur.com/gallery/AfD0TN8

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Hi. I sympathize with you bro. But don’t be upset. Mission Impossible - that’s not the case. The girl can do everything herself. If there is no girl, I recommend this site anacams.com, virtual sex is suitable for everyone, even those who have such serious problems. I’m sure these girls will satisfy all your needs.

Who said it’s a “her”?

Tell him to give you a reach around

Conor? Is that you?

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It is like the guy is getting laid for the first time and wants everyone to know lmao.

The fact you need to have advice on how to have sex with a leg cast shows you have not had sex that much. Does the cast cover your junk? If not then what is the problem?


Break a leg

Don’t get poo or cum on the cast.

Because then it will smell like poo and or cum

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Well, you can do that, everything is clear here. Watch premium porn before. Its bad to have sex if u have a broken leg but you can do that. Missionary is going to be the only one the best option that works in this situation. Hope you will do that and our advice would be useful for you.

Well hes probably goning to want a sandwich for lunch, a coffee in the afternoon and probably a massage after the evening news. What did he want yesterday? The cast isnt going to change his taste in sandwiches.

OPs screen name checks out

tell your boyfriend to roll you over your side