Hawaii 183lbs Fighters!! April 16.

183lbs 4 Man Tournament April 16,2005 for the PUNISHMENT IN PARADISE Hawaii Champion.

Were looking for Hawaii fighters interested in fighting Shooto rules.

Bracket A

Bob Ostovich (Jesus Is Lord) Vs. Kimo Wolfel (Koden Kan)

Bracket B


Winners of both Bracket A & B will fight in P.I.P Summer show for the belt.

second2none@hawaii.rr.com or 808-620-5638

TTT for Chris Leben

can Ruas Vale Tudo come play?


TTT for Bob-O who hits like a truck and is one of the few guys I've fought that I consider a friend!

Andy Wang/
Taiwan Jiu-Jitsu

do they have to be from Hawaii?

Hey Andy

How are things, Hope all is well.

Yes its a two event in Hawaii were trying to build that weight class up.I didn't want to make it all one day due to your not going to see 199% from the guys next round

can Ruas Vale Tudo come play?,, come on eric, you don't even want to play with the boys you got here and now you want to go to hawaii?!?!?


I'd be interested . Jason_Chambers_inc@yahoo.com

I have to check on some things first, but I would be interested in taking the trip to paradise. email me at jeromie_sills@hotmail.com

guys you understand this is a two event tournament. Finals will be in June


Hawaii is a lot nicer place than TJ Mike. Do I detect a little hostility?

THE CANNON would love to fight~!

no hostility bro just wana play with a ruas vale tudo guy and can;t seem to get my turn ;},,, by the way saying your going to step it up and fight in kotc after fighting two nobodys here in tj is not stepin up dude its stepin out,, it;s who you fight bro,, change the event and all you get is a change of seanary.


Im sure it will all work itself out at some point Mike. By the way, my last opponent had more wins than I had fights. He had 3 times the experience that I do. Nobody has lasted 5 minutes with me so I think I am doing just fine thanks! lol

mike seal, witch one of us do u want to fight?rizzo is always game because i know u like to fight hw now.
or apple he fights 185.or levens witch is me at 205?
its up to u u had a chance to fight me.but u had another fight at the time witch i understand.an than a week or 2 before the fight u said u will fight me but i have alredy be trainning to fight some one else.
i will have no prob fighting u.u can talk shit about who we fight but come on we only have 4 fights each.we have to start some were should i fight wandi for my first couple of fights..come on man.i am fighting tosh cook in march 13,he 3-2 an a gracie brown belt from what i hear.than i fight sam nest in aussi on may 13 he is 16-0.we are stepping up to fight beter guys.but u have to crawl before u can run.but i say again i have no problem fighting u.an how can u say anything every one good u fight u take a nappy.jeezz

too bad. I would've liked to get Davion Peterson(former all Big Ten wrestler,Abu Dhabi vet) in now that he is dropping to 185. Good luck with the show guys.

whats up levens?? sorry if you guys take it as talking shit,I;m just calling it how I see it, beleave me I have nothing but repect for what you and your team have done this past year, I watch you and apple go from desrepectful punks to semihumble men and respectful fighters in a very short time, to me thats awsome, but like I said in the first time , it;s who you fight that defines you as a fighter, so you and I know theres not a lot of middle weights at our level in tj and for the past 6 mounths the ? has been when are we going to throw down,,,(apple),, and every time I exspet, I hear why it needs to be put off to the next show and after this last one I here that your not fighting here any more and your moving on to a higher level of fighters (kotc),,,,,lol ,,, sorry,, anywho my point is that I hear you say that ruas is the best trainer in the world all the time and if thats a fact then I would be honored to fight you or levens,because to me testing your self against the best is what it's all about,

p.s. lmao at the sleepy thing, ya my ground needs some work but I get my licks in too,, ask bjj black belt paulo'juiner'grazze,