Hawaii GOLD?

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i'm not talking about pineapple, but legalized gambling. Would the Kohala coast not be the perfect place to mirror Vegas? i've said for many years that this is what this state needs.

Now before you all throw out your comments about negative impact, consider this first: Monaco or Moracco (or somewhere similar) has gambling that is legal for non-residents only. So tourists can visit, deposit buku bucks, then leave. Residents are not allowed to gamble, just work the casinos.

Jeff Stone of Ko Olina had a plan similar to that that he was trying to pass years ago, but of course he got shot down.

You know mr Sam Boyd is greasing all the right pockets no?



Actually, with Molokai's economy in turmoil they should strongly consider it.

Gambling for non residents is a great idea. My GF's aunty turned her whole family upside down with her gambling problems. isn't Monaco like one square mile but super rich?

You know Hawaiians would still go to Vegas not only because they wouldn't be able to gamble, but because "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".

But it's all the asians who are now choosing to go directly to Vegas, and not come to Hawaii that i think would start to come back.

gambling is fun at times when there's nothing to do.

wanna bet?

would be intresting, but vegas would never let that shit go on

So much for Lingle having enough balls to make it happen

i don't know about the "balls" and lingle part not being troo.

lol jnaks

restrict gambling to just oahu. game over already for that island. :)


gambling only for tourists is the way to go imo. If you live here......

"NO SLOTS FOR YOU!!!" *need i say who's voice?


^ dunno who said it ..

shakes head in disgust

Passion, you must know Seinfeld references to truely be worthy

hawaii residents put waaaaaaaay too much money in Nevada's pockets. imagine if 25% of that stayed in the State.

i'm for a regulated, regionalized gambling. i'd hate to see slot machines in 7-Elevens. but i could see a designated resort area being selected and restricted. would be a HUGE for the economy.

I agree with gambling, but let's start with a state lottery where you have the be a resident to win to raise money for schools and roads.  If we can control that, then state regulated casinos.  People always say that poor people will spend all their money on lotto tickets and gambling, but really who cares?  If they are dumb enough to gamble their money away, they get to live in some craphole warehouse in Campbell industrial on a cot and have 3 to 6 months to get a job.  I don't think it is the state's responsibility to dig people out of poor financial decisions.  If kids need supplies, books, and lunch money for school, I'll all for that, but if the state keeps carrying financial retards, they will never learn. If you go hungry for a while, then you realize what is important. 

kauai is still awesome. problem is w/ oahu

yeah man i dont goto Vegas simply for the gambling.

fuck i only play holdem and this wheel game.

i go to watch the UFC!


to do stupid shit only forget about it during the plan ride back to Hawaii.

"People always say that poor people will spend all their money on lotto tickets and gambling, but really who cares?"

Not pono, imho. In reality have broken homes and homeless people does affect others. I cannot even take my kid to the park for all the people camped there...with gambling, mo worse. Put it offshore on ships, like riverboat gambling on the mainland.

I like the idea of an idiot tax. Lottery is the way to go. Some indian tribes in California make bank for their residents via gambling (Arnie said he was going after all the soft money, but stopped the rhetoric after getting elected). Can you imagine all the compulsive gamblers giving their money to the states coffers instead of Nevada? We could prolly get rid of property tax and excise. Plus, still have our roads, sewers, fixed. And have better pubic (mispelled on porpoise) edjucation for our kids.