Hawaii's 170 weight class

Besides Bj Penn Who else is could represent?



Isn't Mayhem 170?

170lbs. Hawaii Fighters

BJ Penn


Ronald Jhun

Ross Ebanez

Mark Moreno

PJ Dean

I heard Ray BRADDA Cooper is moving to the 155lbs division

Kimur that is not true if alot of other fighters could get fights they could prove themselves.

kimurAlbert even though Ross got smoked, Dennis even said himself that he knew Ross would've KO'ed him if he didn't do something fast. And besides Ross gave up like 15-20lbs to Hallman who fights at 185 and walks around at 195. Ross said in his interview that he fights at 170 and walks around at 178-180. Hallman said most fighters wouldn't even give up that much weight to fight him. So you know Bj wouldn't let Ross fight Hallman if he didn't think he had a chance to win..

"BJ got good by training heavily for 5 or 6 years reaching the BJJ blackbelt level."

not to nit-pick... but BJ got his black belt in less than 4 years...
which doesn't have anything to do with the rest of your post...
just and fyi...