Hawkeye - first trailer

I watched the first two episodes. It’s ok, needs more Linda Cardellini…

Watched the first episode and it was incredibly weak … and I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to b level Marvel schlock.

I liked it. The laro scene was great and like the vibe of it all. Little ridiculous going into second half of second episode but then again this dude was fighting aliens with an arrow in the other movies . Lot of potential with their chemistry and interactions


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I still want to stick my tongue in Hailee Steinfeld’s butthole.


Kate’s mom is the bad person. Also had jack’s uncle killed. Jack will end up being good guy . Kate’s mom also killed her husband, not the avengers battle

They didn’t show Black Widow’s blonde little sister in the trailer for some reason.


This was pretty accurate.

I’ll pass.

No way in hell I could sit through a movie of that guy/character. I’d rather take a shit & then stare at it in the toilet for 2.5hrs before flushing it.

It’s good. The holiday city vibe adds to it but after all the other shows and movies doing massive multiverse battles and storylines, it’s interesting to see a “superhero” in a day to day real life scenario . His character works better than any of the other avengers for this scenario

I’m disappointed they’ve taken the comic arc it’s based on and kept the overarching plot but deleted everything that made it cool.

Each issue started with Hawkeye falling off a Builidng, crashing a car, etc … and dialogue like ‘okay this looks bad’ followed by a flashback how they got to that point,

A few fun bits I remember:
A Fight scene a drawn like an old 80s video game.
An entire issue was done from the POV of the dog lol
Hawkeye gets ambushed while butt naked and in the fight scene they censor his junk by putting the faces of other Avengers heroes.

They could have really gone to town with this series, because who cares, it’s Hawkeye …. Similar to Wanda Vision. Like it or hate it, they really went for it. 2 whole episodes in B&W was ballsy.

In case you want it stuck in your head forever they put the full song out