Hawkeye on Disney+

Basically watched every other Marvel series so decided to give this a whirl.

About 3 episodes in and it is meh at best.

I know this is a weird thing to get hung up on but One thing that bothers me is the hearing aid shit.

Dude was part of the Avengers and was somewhat close to Stark and you’re telling me with all that tech they couldn’t fix his hearing and dude has to wear a hearing aid?

Second thing is the chick that plays Kate I find very annoying.

Last but not least, the baddies being The Tracksuit Mafia is just ridiculously absurd. Terrible bad guys and not even laughably bad enough to be good.

So far give the show 4/10.

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You know Tony is dead and Clint is retired from the hero game, right? It’s already been shown in the Falcon and Winter Soldier that Pepper Potts-Stark is not helping any of the Avengers with their finances now that Tony is out of the picture.

You’re not wrong, but she is supposed to be this way. It’s almost a trope these days where they write the young female leads as being super annoying and arrogant to set them up for a fall to have a heroic redemption. The best equivalent is Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars - she started the same way and is now one of the most beloved SW characters.

Kind of like how absurd it is that Clint was fighting aliens and super-villains with a bow and some trick arrows, bro? He points out this absurdity in the movies and this series, bro. The tracksuit mafia are the types of villains that he should be fighting, bro.

Lastly, I can’t believe the LARPers didn’t make your list.

I give the show an 8/10, slighty edging out Loki as my favorite Disney+ Marvel show.


Isn’t the chick in this the same little girl from True Grit?


Didn’t watch F&WS yet, was actually next on my list.

However, like I said, I find it retarded that they are using the hearing aid as a recurring issue through each episode when Stark was creating Iron Man suits out of thin air using nano technology yet the best Clint can do is a hearing aid.

You have to be fucking trolling. This show has been pretty meh so far and I actually like Hawkeye.

No troll, the show is fun and sticking very close to the excellent Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye comic series.


I quit watching after episode 4. There’s no plot. No goal that anyone is trying to work toward. No character development. Just a sequence of one-off episodes that go nowhere and do nothing.

Disney should really avoid crap like this. The Marvel movie brand is pretty much guaranteed good times. Episodic garbage pulls back that curtain. There’s no way that they come ahead money-wise by releasing crap like this. Sure they’ll get some new subscribers today, but that’s 100k people who are going to second guess watching the next Marvel film, especially if it’s a Hawkeye branded film.

Loki was amazing but the rest of these mini-series are episodic garbage. Time wasters for fan boys, at best.

I think some of the biggest issues are stemming from the fact that the Hawkeye from the MCU is just too different from the Hawkeye from the most recent run of comics.

I like the correlations, but the middle-aged, tired, and nearly retired Hawkeye from the MCU does not cleaning fit into fractions recent run

Not a Hawkeye fan, but enjoying the series

Stop giving head for a moment and pay attention:

  1. Overarching plot is Kate Bishop taking up the Hawkeye mantle and Clint trying to make a clean break from the super hero game
  2. The goal since episode 1 is finding out who and what is behind the heist of the recovered items from the Stark/Avengers tower
  3. The main characters have certainly been developed over the episodes

I’m certainly not trying to convince you to like it but your reasons don’t match up with what’s actually happening in the show. And since you stopped watching at 4, you are missing out on the lovely Florence Pugh. Your loss.

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I like it. That’s Yelena chick is HOT.

I like watching Hawkeye fight street level villains as opposed to Gods, Aliens, etc.


Finished up all the available episodes.

A few thoughts.







So one thing I’m really happy about is Kingpin making it into the series as that makes it MCU cannon, which means there is hope for the dude that played Daredevil to be introduced into the MCU as well as the dude that played The Punisher. I think they were both perfect for those roles (Although Frank Castle could have been a bit bigger but easily overlooked since the Netflix series was fucking great).

With that being said, I saw that KingPin was going to be introduced a mile away. The dude that caressed Maya’s face at the karate lesson, although he was not shown I knew right away it was supposed to be Kingpin (also the car dealership being called “Fat Man’s” gave it away as well.

The series is still pretty meh for me, but I look forward to the next episode to see where they are gonna take Kingpin and how they develop him and if they have Daredevil make a cameo then I will forgive the show for being so damn mediocre.

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I fucking loved Loki, just finished that up about a week ago and thought it was fantastic.

I liked WandaVision for its “What the fuck is going on” factor where the first 3 or so episodes were confusing as fuck. Payoff was decent despite the big baddie being meh and the final episode coming up a little short.

Haven’t checked out F&WS, but I’ll probably give that a whirl next week.

Btw, do we know how many episodes of Hawkeye there will be? Would love to wrap that up soon. Seems like episode 6 comes out in afew days and honestly I don’t think should go much more than an episode or two more as there really isn’t a lot of momentum right now.

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The super hero genre is dead. Get whatever entertainment out of it now with it’s last grasps of breath while you can, if you’re into super heroes.


There are two reasons why something gets made into a mini-series instead of a movie.

  1. There’s not enough material of substance to carry a feature length film. This is damning, because people make 90 minute movies all the time, and some of them are great. But there’s niche markets for everything in 2021. Edit: so why not service that market with SOMETHING.

  2. There’s so much material that it realistically doesn’t fit inside a 2-3 hr film. Then a mini-series is warranted to give the audience a chance to get to know the material at a slower pace. This is fine-wine territory, and it’s the reason that Game of Thrones and Lost weren’t made into 2 or 3 hour films.

Which category does Hawkeye fall into? Four episodes in and not a damned thing has happened. My problem is that I don’t believe watching episode 5 will change that. I’m sure they’ll run around, there’ll be some minor conflict, but no progress is made on the overall story… just like every other EPISODE.

To help with categorizing Hawkeye, try to look at it like this. Could you possibly imagine another six episodes after the first six? If not, it’s category 1. They didn’t really have anything to begin with, but they should cash in on the branding while Marvel’s hot. And only a niche market of hardcores will know the difference. If you can imagine more episodes, or plot arches… then you’ve created a universe that captures people’s imagination and interest. That would be category 2.

Loki is on the far end of category 2 in the spectrum. Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier are the other far end of category 1. If they had enough material, they would have made a movie.

I thought F&WS was great at first, lots of promise. I recommended it to all of my friends. Then somewhere around episode 3 or 4 it transitioned into episodic garbage… sort of like what happened with Heroes after the first season. They spend the rest of the episodes whining about how life is so hard for black people… which would be “fine” if there was a plot to carry it. But it was more like a slow moving funeral for a person you barely knew. Insufferable.

Wandavision tl,dr: all style, no substance. I couldn’t make it past the laugh track in the first two episodes. These guys that are making these series have to get it through their heads: you’ve got a very small opportunity to make the audience take an interest in or care about your characters. There’ll always be a few fanboys, art-crowd and film buffs that hang around after that opportunity has been missed, but the writing is on the wall. Those miniseries were the nail in the coffin for those storylines. That’s a shame. I’m convinced they could have done better. They had the wrong writers.

For the record, I wanted to love Wandavision, F&WS and Hawkeye. I’m one of those “take my money” Marvel fanboys. But these miniseries suck for the most part, Loki being a HUGE outlier.

I actually think Loki would have been GREAT as a movie, possibly even with sequels. I have a feeling that they didn’t go that route because the multiverse plot would have been a bit unsurprising and overplayed considering all of the other multiverse plots that are showing up in/after Phase 4.

When Loki stole the tesseract and disappeared in Endgame, that was a huge “oh shit” moment for me, super excited, we’re going to get some alternate timeline spinoffs or something like that. So that series took a guy who was already super excited, and instead of letting me down, made me even more excited about what comes next. That’s the outcome you want with a mini-series, or any vehicle really.

If you told me there was going to be another Hawkeye themed anything, I’d groan. Same with the other ones. That’s the worst case scenario, converting excitement to discomfort.

Six episodes. The next episode is the finale.

I didn’t realize he was deaf. When he talks is it normal or like “mey ngyes, mah nem id howkae” like an actual deaf person?

Talks normal, he has partial hearing loss due to being an Avenger/Hawkeye.

As far as the show is concerned at least.

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