Hayabusa Fight Wear

You like it? You want it? Let me know im the Hawaii Distributor and can hook you up with wholesale & retail.
Yes the gi's are way over embroidered but truth be told they are really really nice. Pants are killer too.

shirts, fight shorts,gi's, gloves, shin guards etc.

Also feel free to join our FB page @ Hayabusa Fight Wear Hawaii for update's.

a good brand fo sho.

Support!!! Phone Post

T-shirts, shin guards, MMA gloves, Hybrid gloves. Shorts and rash guards in stock. Oh and gi's too.

Hmm white guy flying an ugly plane. I think i'd prefer a pet bird.

^^yeah a little pricey but well made gear. All mentioned above are pretty bad ass, even the plane. I still want a pet falcon. Feed it bits of micro.

The newest member of Hayabusa fight team is Chris Leben. Nice clothes imo. Nicer than Warrior wear his previous sponsor.