Hayato "mach" Sakurai joins ATT

at least that's what i assumed, since he couldn't make weight when he was supposed to

Wouldnt be surprised if mach didnt train at all for this fight and ends up losing. It would be so like him.

 hahahahahahhahaha!!!! 10+

This is obviously all Javi Vasquez's fault.



 Mach is one of my favorite fighters. 

And he doesnt train properly, ever.

I was going to click on this thread and say something about his weight.



I lol'd.

 You might be right..

 How do you guys know he doesn't train?

I have seen him hurt badly just  days for a fight and still fight. though he was on crutches 1 week before.

Thats the only time I have been around him so I don't know how he trains otherwise.

Guy is tough as hell.

I would of like to of seen him and Gomi go again if mach is healthy.