Hayato Mach Sakurai

When did Sakurai graduate to Grade A? Also when did he switch to Gutsman?

Also, who is the founder of Gutsman? Is Mamoru Oko-uchi the most Sr fighter there?

Naoki Sakurada founded Gutsman Shooto Dojo IIRC.Nobuhiro Obiya used to fight out of Gutsman,but now he's with Kiguchi I think.There's some 84 kilo fighter from Gutsman that is B Class right now.I can't remember his name,I remember he fought Ryuhei Sato though.

Maybe Akihiro Murayama?

Mach was 2-0-1 when he was promoted to Class A. His fight with Ali Elias was his first at Class A, which is probably why he was so stoked when he won.